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My endless summer — holidays at home

Aktualisiert: 31. Jan. 2021

Ah, Corona!

Destroying the holiday plans of so many. Making people have holidays at home.

I have always loved travelling. Exploring, seeing other (exotic) places. Getting the vibe of a place.

Then Corona hit. It made me realize some things.

First of all, I looooooove working from home. Just love it. And that is in a big part due to: I live in paradise! Switzerland, oh what a beautiful place it is!

Originally, I had planned to go to Sardinia, or maybe to the South of England. After having explored every nook and cranny of the 'behind my house' during my free time during lock-down and having been very happy with it, I decided to just stay put for my two weeks holiday and equally make the best of it. I live in Weesen in Switzerland, and it is only a few minutes walk to jump into lake Walen. I am also surrounded by mountains, so what more could I need?

And it was beautiful.

Djeili and I went hiking, swimming, kayaking, floated down the river from one lake to the other on a rubber boat, stood under a gushing waterfall, had barbecues on a stone bank in the river, on a balcony, on a mountain top and everywhere. We hung around in beach bars and checked out a peace monument that a single guy built in 25 years. We ate well. We enjoyed the sun, the wind, looking at glaciers and deeply turquoise waters and spending plenty of time with good friends.

We are lucky ones here in Switzerland. Not having been restricted a lot, with an appeal to use common sense. Plus we have the most beautiful nature on our doorstep.

Thank you, Switzerland, for making every day of my holiday at home special.

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