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Fuji X100V - simplify my life

Is it really a good idea to buy a fixed lens camera if you already have a great interchangeable lens camera with just so many lenses?

I got my Fuji X-T4 early last summer when my X-T20 died, and I love it. Definitely more to lug around than the X-T20, but a great and well-balanced camera indeed. Plus I've got a few lenses for it to keep me entertained. Why could I still not stop thinking about the X100V? It looks sexy, I admit. Plus I was not happy with the quality of my smaller compact cameras that I would take outside for dog walks (one for bad weather conditions, one for fair weather) when I could not be bothered to take the bigger X-T4. And there is just something about the X100V... But, it is pricey and I wouldn't really need it, would I? So what to do? Stop thinking about it?

To cut things short, when I knew by the end of the year that I bagged that new job, I rewarded myself. I got my hands on a good deal for the X100V so that I wouldn't lose too much if I would not use it and would need to sell it again. My thoughts were, it would be a good camera for me to snap some pictures when commuting to and from Zurich, so why not have a more street photography-like camera, even when usually only doing landscapes.

After a few months of owning the X100V, I can tell you:

I have never touched those smaller compact cameras again. To be honest, I barely use the X-T4 any more! Come rain, come storm, come sunshine, the X100V accompanies me.

How come?

  • It is waterproof (well, if you add the adapter and filter that you need to have to seal the last bit off. Con: the original cap will not fit any more...). We have a lot of snow here this year in Switzerland. A LOT! I am out with the snowshoes all the time and the X100V is with me.

  • It is so easy to carry everywhere. When I head out in the morning with the dog, I just grab it. If needed, it fits in my hip bag.

  • The quality of the pictures is great. I have not been disappointed yet! Even doing night photography with it, I am very happy so far.

  • The focal length of 23 mm just appeals to me. Feeling a bit like a reporter ;) However, usually tending to take wide-angled pictures, I sometimes (but not as often as I thought) feel restricted, and it's the reason why for hikes I will always still choose the X-T4 plus the 10-24 mm (unless it snows lots, then it's the 16 mm or these days rather the X100V anyhow!).

  • Pressing the shutter of this camera gives me such a satisfied feeling. Especially not worrying about if I chose the correct focal length or not. Sometimes it has forced me to not go for landscape but portrait frame and often this resulted in a surprise, just not having thought about framing my picture like that!

The X100V can do it all:

Great sun stars at f/16, getting close to your subject, a bokeh background, taking nice and pleasing portraits and landscapes that can capture the atmosphere as you do not hesitate to take it out in bad weather, too. It cannot do wide-angled - but hey, use the panoramic feature to capture more of your scene, and at least you have a bit of digital zoom with the options of 50 and 70 mm (see heron picture, taken at 70 mm setting).

Plus you will chat to a lot of people, if you want to (as you can imagine, the starter question is usually: 'Oh, is that a film camera or is it just retro?').


The X100V has simplified my life and is rather a companion for me now than simply a sleek-looking camera that I own, and I rarely leave the house without it. I cannot imagine how I could manage without it!

All pictures were taken by me with the Fuji X100V.

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