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A new sledging adventure

Sledging from the Fisetenpass down to Urnerboden - fun for humans and dogs!

My endless summer — holidays at home

Ah, Corona! Destroying the holiday plans of so many. Making people have holidays at home. I have always loved travelling. Exploring,...

Let sleeping dogs lie

No, there aren't many pictures of sleeping dogs on my phone. Let me check.

LENSBABY EDGE 35 — that slice of focus!

Lensbaby was so kind to send me their newest lens, the Edge 35, to give it a good test run! Here's a little write-up on what you can do...


Strand, Berge, tolle Landschaft und viele Schafe, dazu hundefreundlich und erschwinglich? Wie wär's mit Wales? Lange zerbrachen wir uns...

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